How To Stay Organized

Something that I have learned over the past few years is how to stay organized. Being organized is more than just having the most Pineterst-like desk set up or the most expensive planner, but those can help. Keeping a clean desk and a good planner is very important, but that’s not the end of it. So here are a couple tips about how to stay organized, especially when you get close to the end of a class, semester or year. These tips can also be applied to just life in general as well! Another great blog post is by What Nicole Wore which is all about desk organization.

Have One Method and Stick to It

Some people really like everything to be on their laptop and phone, other like the million-sticky note method. Personally, I have everything important written in at least two places. But no matter what method you like to use, stick with that method. For most people, they need to have things written down, and I absolutely suggest that. There is a lot of research that supports making sure things are actually written down, and not just in your phone or computer, and I think that really does apply if you actually stick with the method, so again, whatever method works for you, just stick with that!

Accept Procrastination Move On

Procrastination is a fact of life, and even though this may seem counterproductive and weird to talk about while talking about organization, it still fits. There are a lot of different methods for procrastination, and one of those things is organizing. If you don’t feel like doing whatever assignment you are avoiding, try to at least be productive with your procrastination! Fun fact, working on this blog and reorganizing my room are two of my favorite ways to procrastinate because even though I am not using my time to do my work, it is better than just watching Netflix. So use procrastination to your advantage and take the time to get some organizing done wether that be cleaning up your desk or writing out the important dates on your calendar, it still can be really helpful (but only give yourself 15-20 before getting back to work!)

Take Time Every Week to Recap and Prepare

Every Sunday I make sure I go through my planner to see what is coming and make sure that I didn’t miss any assignments. By doing this I am able to prepare myself for the week ahead and get my bags packed for classes and I also am able reflect on the week that I had to see what I need to change for the next week and just to appreciate the good that happened during the week. Even though it is simple, it is a nice way to decompress and destress before the week starts. Additionally, I try to do this before chapter on Sundays so that I have time to just relax when I get back from our meeting instead of running around in circles trying to get things done.

Find Little Things that Make You Happy

So even though I said you don’t have to have a Pinterest-perfect desk to do so, if you want matching marble stationary or things to all be pastel – GO FOR IT! Have fun with your organization because if you like it, then you are more likely to stick with keeping things organized. Personally, I like the clear acrylic desk organizers because I just think it looks cool and even though it doesn’t really matter what type of containers I use, having the specific kind of desk organizers or cute decorations can help you want to be more organize – it’s the same thing as when you get new work out clothes you want to work out to show off your new clothes! So, by staying organized you get to show off your cute organization stuff.

Get a Good Planner and Actually Use It

I love planners. They are one of those things that I don’t feel bad spending a lot of money on because I know how much I use it. My two favorite planners so far have been the Erin Condren planner and the Lilly Pulitzer planner because of their size, how much they have within the planners, and honestly because they are both really cute. There are so many different planners that you don’t need a super expensive one to have it be effective. But if you do want to check out Erin Condren, check out this blog post by Nikki Hall where she is part of a giveaway that is giving away an Erin Condren gift card!


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