Hello My Name Is…

Welcome to your College Barista! From getting ready to move in, until the day you graduate, I’ll be updating you on my experiences and my path through college.


Some quick facts about me!

I am currently 21 years old my birthday is September 29th.

I am from a small town in New Jersey. I have three siblings, an older sister, and two younger brothers and I live with both my parents.

Currently, I am interning at the Franklin Institute and am working at VSA for the summer.

I am a junior at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, OH. My current program is “Integrated Social Studies with a Concentration in History”, meaning I am in an essentially dual degree program where I am earning my degree in History as well as working to get my licensure for grades 7-12. My grand plan is to work for organizations like UNESCO or Circle of Sisterhood to create effective and equitable educational policies in developing nations. I am also a course assistant and a member of the Honors Program.

I am a sorority girl and I am currently the President of the College Panhellenic Council and am loving every minute of it. My council is amazing and I cannot wait to see what we will be doing in the fall.

I really love dressing preppy and I tend to most frequently shop at JCrew and Lilly Pulitzer and dress like I already am a teacher (or according to some I dress like a mom) but I still love the preppy style, even if I do live in Ohio.

I love stickers on my laptop and water bottle and would have both covered in them if I could. Redbubble is the greatest for stickers if you are looking!